From the Pastor’s Desk

May 2019

From Pastor Mike (and Paulette)

It was back in February when, after a few symptoms showed up, Paulette and I were told it looked like I had bladder cancer. We were very hopeful and surgery was scheduled that we prayed would remove the cancer and enable us to return to a normal life. Unfortunately the news from that surgery was that the cancer was more advanced than we had hoped. The new normal for our life would be chemotherapy followed by extensive surgery and adapting to new ways of living and of viewing life itself.
You can imagine, and some of you are clearly aware from personal experience, how the shock, pain, and worry grip you deep inside. In addition, at least for me, it is a difficult thing for my personal life to become public. Every day we have been in prayer, sometimes for healing, sometimes for acceptance, and always for guidance. In addition to a physical journey, this is a faith journey.
Someone said to me that we were just waiting to have our prayers answered. I don't agree. For Paulette and I there has been no time between prayer and the response to those prayers. I can honestly say that I have never felt the depth of love and support that we have experienced over the past couple of months. God has stepped into our lives through you in ways that we could have never imagined. He has answered everyone of our prayers by showing us his love through those he has sent into our lives. I wake up everyday thankful for you, thankful for all who love and care for us. I wake up every day thankful for God's grace as I know we are not worthy of the we love are receiving.
I don't know where this journey will take us but I will trust God in the midst of this wilderness. I know that whatever happens that His love has been shown and I will live my life thankful for grace and mercy. I will live my life thankful for each of you. You are living out the words of the resurrected Jesus to Peter, who when asked if he loved Jesus, said yes. And Jesus said if you love me, "tend to my sheep." Thank you for tending to these two sheep....thank you for being the presence of God in this world and in our lives.
Pastor Mike and Paulette