Spirit Team

The Spirit Team had a productive meeting this past Sunday and as promised developed a survey that we hope will capture useful feedback to help support our mission of growth. We also had several members of the congregation join the team meeting, which gave us additional perspective and commentary to formulate the most meaningful questions for this purpose.
 The survey will be handed out at both services over the next two weeks, and we request all confirmed members of the congregation complete the survey, hopefully before you leave church that day. There will be a box in the narthex marked Spirit Surveys to place them in, if you need to complete it at a later time. All completed surveys need to be received by 4/27.
The Spirit Team was formed to help facilitate our mission of growth, not only building on what already exists within Good Shepherd, but even further outside of our walls into the community, spreading God’s word of grace and love to all. We can only accomplish this with the support of all of you, so please fill out the survey and provide your input. Many thanks!
If you have any questions, please contact myself or any of the Spirit Team members.
Deanna Lorenz



Wednesday Night Dinners - 6:30pm

Bible Study on "The Story".
The Bible study is self contained in each session, so you can join us at any time!
This week we are talking about Chapter 15, "God's Messengers"!


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